What is another word for non-belief?

Pronunciation: [nˈɒnbɪlˈiːf] (IPA)

Non-belief refers to the absence or lack of belief in something or someone. There are several synonyms for non-belief, including disbelief, skepticism, doubt, incredulity, distrust, suspicion and uncertainty. Disbelief implies a rejection of something as true or credible, while skepticism suggests a questioning attitude towards a particular belief or claim. Doubt indicates uncertainty or wavering in one's belief, while incredulity denotes a lack of willingness to believe something. Distrust refers to a lack of confidence or faith in someone or something, while suspicion connotes a sense of distrust or doubt about someone's intentions. Finally, uncertainty suggests indecisiveness or hesitation in making a judgement or decision.

What are the opposite words for non-belief?

The concept of "non-belief" suggests a lack of faith or trust in a particular idea or ideology. When exploring antonyms for this word, several options come to mind, including belief, faith, trust, and confidence. These words all imply a positive and confident stance towards a given concept or belief system. Conversely, words such as doubt, uncertainty, distrust, and skepticism suggest a lack of conviction or trust in a particular idea or set of beliefs. The antonyms for non-belief provide an opportunity to examine the nuances of language and how different words can convey varying shades of meaning and perspective.

What are the antonyms for Non-belief?

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