What is another word for qualm?

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Qualm implies a sense of doubt, unease or apprehension when making a decision or taking action. Synonyms for qualm include hesitation, reluctance, misgiving, reservation, skepticism, uncertainty, and doubt. Another synonym for qualm is scruple, which refers to an ethical or moral hesitation when considering a particular course of action. A related synonym is compunction, which implies a sense of guilt or regret after taking a certain action. Other synonyms for qualm include trepidation, anxiety, and second-guessing. Overall, these synonyms all convey a sense of hesitation or concern before making a decision or taking action.

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    How to use "Qualm" in context?

    Qualm is the perfect word for describing the sensation of hesitation or unease. It is often linked with emotions such as regret, fear, and doubt, and can be experienced at any time. Qualm can arise in any situation where uncertainty or doubt exists. It can be a sign that something is not right, and should be explored.

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