What is another word for irreverence?

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[ ɪɹˈɛvɹəns], [ ɪɹˈɛvɹəns], [ ɪ_ɹ_ˈɛ_v_ɹ_ə_n_s]

Irreverence refers to a lack of respect or disrespect towards someone or something. Synonyms for irreverence include disregard, contempt, blasphemy, sacrilege, profanity, irreverency, insubordination, and disrespectfulness. Disregard emphasizes a lack of attention or consideration, while contempt denotes extreme disdain or scorn. Blasphemy and sacrilege specifically relate to disrespect towards religious beliefs or sacred things. Profanity pertains to irreverent or offensive language. Irreverency and insubordination imply a lack of compliance or obedience towards authority, while disrespectfulness refers to an overall lack of respect towards others.

Synonyms for Irreverence:

How to use "Irreverence" in context?

Irreverence is a sense of humor, usually directed at oneself or others. Irreverence can be expressed in a deliberate act of saying or doing something in a disrespectful or humorous manner. It is often used to highlighting the absurdities of life or to diffuse any tension or power struggles. Irreverence can also be expressed in the subtler forms of humor, such as the well-done diss or put-on accent.

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