What is another word for notifies?

Pronunciation: [nˈə͡ʊtɪfˌa͡ɪz] (IPA)

Notifies is a verb that means to inform or give notice to someone about something. Some synonyms for notifies include alerts, informs, apprises, advises, updates, and communicates. These words indicate telling someone about an event, situation, or information that they need to know. Other synonyms for notifies include notifies of, notifies about, and notifies on, which are commonly used with prepositions to signify the subject of the notification. Using synonyms for notifies can help to add variety and clarity in writing, especially when discussing topics related to communication and information sharing.

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Usage examples for Notifies

In order, however, to avoid any possible misunderstanding, the Government of the United States notifies the Imperial Government that it cannot for a moment entertain, much less discuss, a suggestion that respect by German naval authorities for the rights of citizens of the United States upon the high seas should in any way or in the slightest degree be made contingent upon the conduct of any other Government affecting the rights of neutrals and non-combatants.
"My Three Years in America"
Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
I doubt whether it even notifies its will through Friars-but that is your affair, not mine.
"The Castle of Otranto"
Horace Walpole
On August 14th, in a letter to the Press, the commander of a Fermanagh battalion of Ulster Volunteers wrote: "No one will be asked to serve outside Ulster until Sir Edward Carson notifies that he is satisfied with the attitude of the Government with regard to the Home Rule Bill and Ulster."
"John Redmond's Last Years"
Stephen Gwynn

Famous quotes with Notifies

  • “Heaven,” replied Manfred, “does not send Heralds to question the title of a lawful Prince. I doubt whether it even notifies its will through Friars—but that is your affair, not mine.
    Horace Walpole

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