What is another word for apprise?

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The word 'apprise' denotes the act of informing or notifying someone about something important. Some synonyms for 'apprise' include 'notify', 'advise', 'inform', 'brief', 'acquaint', and 'enlighten'. These words convey the same meaning as 'apprise', but are often used in different contexts. 'Notify' specifically refers to the act of informing someone about an event or situation. 'Advise' and 'inform' both imply providing guidance and knowledge. 'Brief' typically implies a short and concise notification. 'Acquaint' highlights the act of introducing someone to a new concept or idea. 'Enlighten' suggests providing deeper insight or understanding to someone.

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The word "apprise" means "to inform of, to give notice of, to inform of the state of." When you Apprise someone of something, you inform them of it. For example, if you Apprise somebody of the weather, you are informing them of the current conditions.

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