What is another word for announce?

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[ ɐnˈa͡ʊns], [ ɐnˈa‍ʊns], [ ɐ_n_ˈaʊ_n_s]

Synonyms for Announce:

disclose (verb) publish (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Announce:

  1. pounce, bounce, trounce, flounce, ounce;
  2. renounce, pronounce, denounce;

Quotes for Announce:

  1. When we find something new at Giza, we announce it to the world. The Sphinx and the Pyramids are world treasures. We are the guardian's of these treasures, but they belong to the world. Zahi Hawass.
  2. It seems likely that many of the young who don't wait for others to call them artists, but simply announce that they are, don't have the patience to make art. Pauline Kael.
  3. Let me announce this to the American people tonight one of the best things about this debate, as a Democrat from Massachusetts, I have proposed eliminating, getting rid of the alternative minimum tax. Richard Neal.

Idioms of Announce:

  1. announce ( one's support) for sm or sth;
  2. announce sth to sm;