What is another word for totals?

Pronunciation: [tˈə͡ʊtə͡lz] (IPA)

The word "totals" is commonly used when referring to the sum or grand total of a collection of numbers or items. However, there are many other words that can be used interchangeably with "totals" depending on the context. Some examples include: sum, aggregate, entirety, whole, tally, grand sum, summation, overall, and final count. Each of these words implies a complete or comprehensive calculation or enumeration of all the items or values at hand. It is important to consider the intended meaning and connotation when selecting a synonym for "totals" to ensure effective communication.

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Usage examples for Totals

I do not affect to deny the satisfaction I should feel if, after casting up the totals pro and con and striking a balance, they should decide that my first term had been fruitful enough of good to warrant their enlisting me for another.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)"
E. Benjamin Andrews
On one of the last days of the session, when the work of the year is almost done, and the members are weary of attending, this budget, which is merely a financial statement, is introduced, and in order to give an opportunity for debate a formal motion is made that the Indian accounts show such and such totals of receipts and expenses.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell
I will give first the totals of what has been got out in both dry and wet way, both in the Canal prism itself and for auxiliary works.
"The Panama Canal and its Makers"
Vaughan Cornish

Famous quotes with Totals

  • Living is like working out a long addition sum, and if you make a mistake in the first two totals you will never find the right answer. It means involving oneself in a complicated chain of circumstances.
    Cesare Pavese
  • Though some of them would disdain to say that there are net benefits in small acts of destruction, they see almost endless benefits in enormous acts of destruction. They tell us how much better off economically we all are in war than in peace. They see “miracles of production” which it requires a war to achieve. And they see a postwar world made certainly prosperous by an enormous “accumulated” or “backed up” demand. In Europe they joyously count the houses, the whole cities that have been leveled to the ground and that “will have to be replaced.” In America they count the houses that could not be built during the war, the nylon stockings that could not be supplied, the worn-out automobiles and tires, the obsolescent radios and refrigerators. They bring together formidable totals.
    Henry Hazlitt

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