What is another word for confers?

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Confers is a verb that means to give or grant something to someone, often as a result of a formal or official process, such as an award or title. Some synonyms for the word 'confers' include bestows, grants, endows, awards, presents, delivers, grants and gives. These words convey similar meanings of giving or granting something to someone, but each with a slightly different connotation. For example, 'bestow' implies a sense of honor or privilege, whereas 'endow' connotes a sense of permanent or inherited possession. Using synonyms for 'confers' can help to add variety and nuance to your writing, making for a more engaging and expressive text.

How to use "Confers" in context?

The confer function allows you to simplify working with several objects by storing their references together. The first argument is the object you want to store the references to, and the second argument is an array of objects. Calling the confer function with two arguments returns a new object that references both of the original objects.

The confer function is useful when you want to keep track of multiple references to the same object. For example, you might create an object that represents the players on your team, and you want to keep track of which player is assigned to which position.

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