What is another word for ally?

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An ally is defined as a person or group who cooperates with another to achieve a common goal. There are several synonyms for the word ally, including collaborator, partner, associate, colleague, confederate, supporter, and backer. A collaborator is someone who works with another person or group to achieve a common goal, while a partner is someone who shares the same objectives as another. An associate is someone who is connected to another person or group, while a colleague is a person who works in the same profession or industry. A confederate is a person who is united with another for a common purpose, while a supporter and backer are individuals who offer assistance or encouragement to another person or group.

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    An ally is someone who helps or supports someone else. Allies can be friends, family, or anyone else who can help you in your goal. allies can make a huge difference in your life. Sometimes it is helpful to have an ally when you are feeling alone or uncomfortable. Allies can encourage and support you when you are feeling down. allies can be your best friend.

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