What is another word for phantasy?

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[ fˈantəsi], [ fˈantəsi], [ f_ˈa_n_t_ə_s_i]

Phantasy is a word that refers to a mental image or a figment of the imagination. As a result, synonyms for this word are typically related to that concept. Some possible synonyms for phantasy include imagination, fantasy, dream, vision, illusion, and hallucination. Each of these words carries its own particular connotations and shades of meaning, such as the dreamlike quality of a vision or the unrealistic nature of a fantasy. Other synonyms might include daydream, delusion, reverie, or fable. Depending on the context of the word, each of these alternatives could be used to convey a slightly different nuance or idea.

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    What are the opposite words for phantasy?

    Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other. For the word "phantasy," which means an imagined or unreal situation, some antonyms could include reality, truth, and fact. Another antonym for phantasy could be practicality or pragmatism, denoting something that is tangible and grounded in reality rather than abstract or fanciful. Additionally, "Phobia" could be an antonym of phantasy, which refers to actual fears, often provoked by real-life situations. In contrast, phantasy is a construct of the imagination that holds no physical element in the real world. All in all, antonyms provide an excellent way to expand our vocabulary while at the same time helping us to understand the nuances of language.

    What are the antonyms for Phantasy?

    Usage examples for Phantasy

    Sheard, his mind filled with a sense of phantasy, dropped into a chair opposite the visitor, reached into the cabinet at his elbow, and proffered a box of Turkish cigarettes.
    "The Sins of Séverac Bablon"
    Sax Rohmer
    The touch of phantasy and flame in her nature illumined her face, and no one could look at her without feeling that a fervent and transparent soul gazed from eyes, so lambent with soft spiritual fire.
    "The Maid of Maiden Lane"
    Amelia E. Barr
    I was going to say vice; but I detest expressions that are so guiltless of nuances, so I will say instead, the lingo of a criminal phantasy.
    "The Song of Songs"
    Hermann Sudermann

    Famous quotes with Phantasy

    • True Love in this differs from gold and clay, That to divide is not to take away. Love is like understanding, that grows bright, Gazing on many truths; 'tis like thy light, Imagination! which from earth and sky, And from the depths of human phantasy, As from a thousand prisms and mirrors, fills The Universe with glorious beams, and kills Error, the worm, with many a sun-like arrow Of its reverberated lightning.
      Percy Bysshe Shelley
    • In my actual imaginative contact with life, I am vastly more responsive to beauty than to horror—indeed, I never experience real cosmic horror except in infrequent nightmares. However, when I come to record my various imaginative experiences, I generally find that only the horror items have any uniqueness or originality. Others have seen the same beautiful things that I have seen, & have sung them more nobly. Dunsany, indeed, has said exquisitely almost everything I could possibly wish to say; so that when I indulge in sheer phantasy I can do no more than imitate him. Thus horror alone is left as my peculiar kingdom, & in it I must hold my lowly reproduction of a Plutonian court.
      H. P. Lovecraft
    • The true function of phantasy is to give the imagination a ground for limitless expansion, and to satisfy aesthetically the sincere and burning curiosity and sense of awe which a sensitive minority of mankind feel toward the alluring and provocative abysses of unplumbed space and unguessed entity which press in upon the known world from unknown infinities and in unknown relationships of time, space, matter, force, dimensionality, and consciousness.the frontier of the unknown can never do more than scratch the surface of eternally unknowable infinity.
      H. P. Lovecraft

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