What is another word for existence?

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[ ɛɡzˈɪstəns], [ ɛɡzˈɪstəns], [ ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈɪ_s_t_ə_n_s]

Existence, a word that signifies being in the material or physical form, has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably. Some of the synonyms for existence include being, life, reality, presence, and subsistence. Being refers to the state of existing and being alive, while life refers to the physical or mental activities that characterize a living organism. Reality pertains to the state of being real, and presence refers to the state of being present or existing. Lastly, subsistence pertains to the act of maintaining an existence or survival. These synonyms for existence can be used in various contexts to convey the idea of being.

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How to use "Existence" in context?

Existence is a state or condition of being. It can refer to an object, event, or concept. existence can also refer to something that exists in time or space. existence can also be prime or base matter.

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