What is another word for phantom?

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The word "phantom" is often used to describe something mysterious or unreal. There are many synonyms for this word that depict the same eerie and ghostly feeling. For instance, "specter", "apparition", "ghost", "wraith", and "shadow" are common synonyms that are often used interchangeably with "phantom". Other synonyms for this word include "spirit", "phantasm", "hallucination", "illusion", and "delusion". These synonyms can be used to describe anything from supernatural entities to illusions and dreams that feel hauntingly real. Whether you're writing a suspenseful novel or simply trying to express a spooky thought, using synonyms for the word "phantom" can help add an extra level of mystique to your language.

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    A phantom is an imagined or partially real being that is regarded as important or dreadful. They can be out there in the world or in our heads, haunting us from the past or from the future. Some Phantoms are truly creepy, like a ghost, but others are simply fascinating, like a genie. Every person has a different story about a phantom that has influenced or haunted them in some way. Whether it was a fear of the dark, a guilt from a past, or a fear of something unknown, these phantoms have exerted an incredible force on each of us.

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