What is another word for PMT?

Pronunciation: [pˌiːˌɛmtˈiː] (IPA)

PMT, or premenstrual tension, is a common condition experienced by many women. There are several synonyms for PMT, including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), premenstrual discomfort, and menstrual-related mood disorder. PMDD is a severe form of PMS that can cause significant emotional and physical symptoms. Symptoms of PMT can vary from woman to woman but may include mood swings, irritability, bloating, headaches, and fatigue. Treatment options for PMT include lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and a balanced diet, as well as medication such as oral contraceptives and antidepressants. It is essential to consult a healthcare professional if PMT symptoms interfere with daily activities.

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Usage examples for Pmt

No. 3. On Tuesday, April 2nd, the prosecution PMT in evidence a letter front the President to Gen.
Ross, Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson)

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