What is another word for excommunicate?

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Excommunication is a form of punishment or exclusion from a religious community or organization. However, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably to convey the same meaning. To ostracize, disown, banish, or cast out are some of the common alternatives for excommunicate. These words infer a rejection or severance of ties with the person or group on account of not complying with a moral code or standard. Other related synonyms include shun, expel, debar, and blackball. Whether in a religious or secular context, excommunication and its synonyms are strong words that denote a severe action taken against an individual or group.

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How to use "Excommunicate" in context?

Excommunication is a formal act of discommunication. The practice is usually used to take away someone's membership in a religious community. In many cases, excommunicated members may not be allowed to worship at religious services, participate in fellow parishioners' social events, or even have communication with their former fellows.

The violation of ecclesiastical excommunication can be a very serious charge and can lead to social ostracism. An excommunicated person is also cut off fromcommunion with the body and blood of Christ.

Excommunication can be a very serious charge and can lead to social ostracism.

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