What is another word for professions?

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[ pɹəfˈɛʃənz], [ pɹəfˈɛʃənz], [ p_ɹ_ə_f_ˈɛ_ʃ_ə_n_z]

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    How to use "Professions" in context?

    Professions are defined as "the learned and specialized activity of one or more people in a particular field". They come in all shapes and sizes and span a wide range of industries. There are literally dozens of different professions out there, and each one requires different skill sets and qualifications.

    To find out more about the different professions out there, take a look at the infographic below. It outlines the most common career paths in the United States, and lists the required education and experience for each one. If you're thinking about embarking on a new career path, be sure to research all of the specific requirements beforehand.

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