What is another word for demands?

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When we talk about demands, we usually refer to requests, requirements, or expectations. These words are all synonyms for "demands" and describe a need or desire for something to be fulfilled. Other synonyms include mandates, orders, instructions, and directives. These synonyms emphasize the authoritative nature of a demand, suggesting that it comes from a higher power or authority. Additionally, terms such as claims, petitions, appeals, and pleas also describe a request that may carry a certain urgency or importance. Regardless of the specific word used, all of these synonyms for "demands" illustrate the need for action, compliance, or fulfillment.

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How to use "Demands" in context?

The word "demand" is often used in conjunction with things like "demands for more funding" or "demands for more decision-making power." These demands are usually made by people who are not happy with the current state of affairs.

However, there are other types of demands that can be made as well. For example, a demand might be made for the resignation of a certain individual. In this situation, the demand is usually made by people who believe that the individual is no longer capable of fulfilling their duties.

Sometimes, demands are made merely for the purpose of making someone else feel uncomfortable.

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