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Spheres, also known as orbs or globes, are three-dimensional geometric shapes that are perfectly round and even. Other synonyms for spheres include balls, globules, round things, pellets, bullets, round balls, and droplets. Spheres can be found in a variety of sizes, including small microscopic ones, medium-sized ones such as those used in games or sports, and large ones such as planets or the sun. Spheres are not only found in the world of mathematics, but also in many aspects of our daily lives. Whether it's playing with a ball, counting the spheres in a sculpture, or studying the spheres in the universe, they are always present and fascinating.

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    How to use "Spheres" in context?

    In mathematics, a sphere is a three-dimensional object in a mathematical space that has a smooth equidistant surface, and is in other respects a two-dimensional object modified to have the property that lines drawn to any point on the sphere intersect its surface at an angle no greater than that at which the line intersects a plane. There are many properties that spheres share with planes, such as the nature of points on a sphere, the properties of lines drawn to points on a sphere, and the properties of surfaces formed by collections of points on a sphere.

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