What is another word for Publicness?

Pronunciation: [pˈʌblɪknəs] (IPA)

Publicness refers to the quality or state of being public, open, or visible to all. Alternatively, this concept can also be expressed using other words such as publicity, exposure, openness, transparency, and accessibility. Publicity implies the promotion of something to the masses, while exposure often refers to being uncovered or revealed. Openness describes a state of being accessible or available to all, and transparency refers to being clear and free of deceit or cover-up. Accessibility refers to the ease of entry or availability to anyone, while publicness refers to the state of being visible or known to all. These synonyms help to describe and capture the essence of publicness.

What are the opposite words for Publicness?

Publicness refers to the state of being open and visible to the public eye. The antonyms for publicness include obscurity, privacy, secrecy, and confidentiality. Obscurity refers to the state of being hidden from view or unknown to the public eye. Privacy is the right to keep personal information and actions hidden from others. Secrecy refers to the act of keeping something hidden, especially from the public eye. Lastly, confidentiality refers to the act of keeping information private and not disclosing it to others. These antonyms represent the opposite of publicness and indicate the desire for privacy and discretion.

What are the antonyms for Publicness?

Usage examples for Publicness

The timidity of our public opinion is our disease, or, shall I say, the Publicness of opinion, the absence of private opinion."
"Emerson and Other Essays"
John Jay Chapman

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