What is another word for highlight?

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The term highlight can be substituted with a number of synonyms that accurately convey its meaning. Some alternatives to highlight might include emphasize, showcase, illuminate, spotlight, accentuate, feature, depict, outline, underline, punctuate, or embellish. Depending on the particular context or type of content, certain synonyms may be more appropriate than others. For example, the word feature might be most applicable for a magazine or website article outlining an individual's achievements, while outline could be more fitting for a classroom lecture covering the main points of a lesson. Whatever synonym is chosen, the goal is to effectively draw attention to or elevate a particular element or concept.

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How to use "Highlight" in context?

Highlight is photography at its finest. When a photographer captures the perfect moment, they have created a highlight reel. Highlights can be of any kind, whether they are captured inanimate objects or living people. They are usually a retrospective summing up of a day, week, month, or year. Highlighting a moment can be as simple as snapping a photo of the person of your dreams or as complicated as managing to get everything just right in a long exposure shot.

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