What is another word for huff?

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There are plenty of synonyms for the word "huff" that are used commonly in English language. Some common alternatives include words like puff, blow, snort, sigh, wheeze, gasp, and exhale. "Huff" is usually used to describe a short, angry burst of breath, but each of the synonyms can convey slightly different emotions or breathe types, such as shortness of breath, exasperation, or frustration. Depending on the context and tone, each of these synonyms can be used effectively to liven up a sentence or poem, or to convey a specific mood or feeling.

Synonyms for Huff:

How to use "Huff" in context?

Huff is a slang term for an episode of extreme anger or emotional distress. The term originated in the late seventeenth century as a variant of the verbal noun huff, meaning a breath taken between rattlesnakes. The verb huff is first recorded in 1706.

Homophones for Huff:

  • Hough.

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