What is another word for heave?

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The word "heave" can be defined as lifting, throwing, tossing, or moving something heavy or bulky in a forceful manner. Several synonyms for this word include hoist, haul, pull, push, tug, carry, drag, and lift. Each of these words implies different degrees of force and effort required to move an object. For instance, hoist suggests a more controlled and deliberate lifting of an object using a mechanical device, while haul and drag both suggest a greater level of physical exertion. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context of the sentence and the specific connotations that each word carries.

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How to use "Heave" in context?

The word "heave" means to lift or pull with force. It can also refer to a large, messy movement or event. When you heave something, you use your arms and your whole body to move it. Hauling something up a hill or over a barrier is an example of heaving.

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