What is another word for re-main?

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Remain is a verb that means to continue to exist or stay in the same place or condition. There are several synonyms for the word remain such as stay, persist, endure, last, survive, continue, persevere, carry on, linger, abide, await, and endure. Stay and persist refer to the continuation of a current state or condition, while endure and survive suggest a persistence through challenges or difficult circumstances. Last and continue refer to the duration of a certain state or condition, while persevere and carry on suggest persistence through difficulty. Linger, abide, and await are also synonyms used for the determination to wait or linger in a certain place or situation.

Synonyms for Re-main:

How to use "Re-main" in context?

There are different types of relationships. Aristotelian theory is that there are four types of relationships: the hamartia, thermum, dyad, triad. A re-main describes a type of relationship in which two people maintain a close relationship despite having different interests or goals. A re-main typically lasts a longer period of time than a mere friendship, and is characterized by a high level of intimacy.

One of the benefits of a re-main is that it allows for sustained growth and development.

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