What is another word for mien?

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[ mˈi͡ən], [ mˈi‍ən], [ m_ˈiə_n]

Mien refers to the way a person carries or conducts themselves, particularly their facial expression and general demeanor. Synonyms for mien include appearance, demeanor, bearing, air, countenance, presence, and demeanor. Appearance and countenance refer more directly to one's facial expression and physical presence, while demeanor, bearing, and air encompass more of a person's mannerisms and comportment. Presence can also be a broader term, referring to the overall impression a person makes on others. Other less common synonyms for mien include deportment, carriage, and aspect, all of which speak to the way a person presents themselves to the world around them.

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How to use "Mien" in context?

Mien (; Taiwanese Hokkien: "mīn") is a term used in various East Asian cultures to describe the external bearing or appearance of someone or something. In Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean, the term is most often used to describe the facial features or overall appearance of a person or thing. In Japanese, mien is also used to describe the external bearing of objects, including vehicles and architecture.

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