What is another word for reservoirs?

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Reservoirs can be defined as artificial or natural storage areas for water. Synonyms for reservoirs include dam, lake, pond, basin, tank, cistern, pool, and stockpile. A dam is a structure built across water that creates a reservoir to store water. A lake is a natural or artificial body of water that is used to store and supply water. A pond is a small body of water that is artificially created to store water. A basin is a natural or artificial depression in the ground that collects water. A tank is a container used to hold liquids, including water. A cistern is a tank used for storing water. A pool is a small, artificial body of water used for swimming or storing water. Finally, a stockpile is a large quantity of something, including water, that is stored for future use.

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    How to use "Reservoirs" in context?

    A reservoir is a storage site for a large body of water. In most cases, reservoirs are created by damming a river or other watercourse. Reservoirs can be created as natural phenomena or as artificial structures.

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