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A reservoir is a large natural or artificial body of water used to store and regulate water supply. Synonyms for reservoir include lake, pond, basin, cistern, tank, well, and catchment. A lake is a natural reservoir formed by geological processes whereas an artificial reservoir is constructed by humans to regulate water supply. A pond is a smaller type of reservoir, typically found in gardens or farms, and is used for irrigation or livestock watering. A basin is a large, shallow depression in the earth's surface that collects water or other liquids. A cistern is a container used to store water for household purposes. A tank is a large container used to store liquids, such as water, fuel, or chemicals. A well is a hole dug in the ground to access underground water reserves. A catchment is an area from which water flows into a reservoir or other body of water.

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Reservoirs can be found all over the world, but they have one common goal - to store water. They can be natural, such as in lakes and rivers, or man-made, such as in reservoirs. Reservoirs are also important for power generation, as they can hold a large amount of water.

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