What is another word for basins?

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Basins are one of the most important household items, and there are a variety of synonyms available for them. Some of the more common synonyms for basins include bowls, dishes, receptacles, containers, tubs, sinks, pots, and pans. These words are all used to describe different types of basins that may be used for different purposes. For example, bowls and dishes are typically used for serving food, while tubs and sinks are used for washing and cleaning purposes. Pots and pans are typically used for cooking, while receptacles and containers can refer to any type of vessel used to hold or store something.

How to use "Basins" in context?

Basins are large depressions, either dry or filled with water. Basins can form as a result of a natural process such as erosion, or as a result of human activity, such as the excavation of a reservoir.

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