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Dues refer to a sum of money that is owed as a result of membership in an organization or the use of a service. There are various synonyms for dues, such as contributions, fees, payments, subscriptions, assessments, and levies. Contributions refer to money or efforts given to a common cause or goal. Fees are charges for a specific service, while payments are a sum of money that is paid as a settlement or compensation for services rendered. Subscriptions are fees paid in advance for future access to specific services. Assessments and levies refer to mandatory charges or taxes imposed for a specific purpose, such as fundraising or financial support for a project.

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One of the most frequently asked questions in managing a business is "what are the DUES for?". This question can have many answers, depending on the type of business and its governing body. In many cases, dues are a mandatory fee that members of a particular organization are required to pay in order to remain a member. Examples of organizations that typically have dues-based membership structures include professional societies, trade associations, and charitable organizations.

Dues can also be a way to finance specific activities or services that are offered by a membership-based organization.

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