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A lake, a body of water that is surrounded by land, can be described by different words or synonyms. Some of these synonyms include pond, lagoon, reservoir, tarn, and mere. A pond is a small lake, while a lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from the ocean by a strip of land. A reservoir is a man-made lake used to store water. A tarn is a small mountain lake formed in a cirque or basin. Lastly, a mere is a shallow, isolated lake that is often seasonal in nature. All of these synonyms provide different characteristics and contexts for describing bodies of water that we commonly refer to as "lakes".

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    In the natural world, lakes are an essential component of watershed systems. They provide drinking water, food, economic resources, recreation and much more.

    Many lakes are man-made, but the important thing to remember is that they are all important parts of our planet's ecosystems. By taking care of our lakes, we help keep our communities healthy, prosperous and sustainable.

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