What is another word for schmooze?

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[ ʃmˈuːz], [ ʃmˈuːz], [ ʃ_m_ˈuː_z]

Schmooze is a term used to describe engaging in a friendly and insincere conversation, often with the intention of gaining favor or benefits. Other synonyms for this term may include flattery, buttering up, sweet-talking, smooth talking, charming, and networking. These terms imply a specific behavior of interacting with others in a way that promotes positive outcomes. Being able to schmooze effectively is an important skill in business and social settings, and it can help build relationships and foster connections. Utilizing a range of synonyms can help individuals adapt their communication style and approach to different situations, ensuring success in different interpersonal contexts.

How to use "Schmooze" in context?

Schmooze is a verb meaning to talk easily and pleasantly with someone. It typically refers to informal conversation with someone you know well and enjoy. Schmoozing is asidote-catching; it's the act of turning a conversation into a discussion by drawing out the other person. Schmoozing is also a way to build relationships, get referrals, and close sales.

Schmoozing is a two-way street. You need to be schmoozing in order to be schmoozed, and schmoozing always has a cost.

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