What is another word for confab?

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[ kənfˈab], [ kənfˈab], [ k_ə_n_f_ˈa_b]

Confab is a term used to describe an informal conversation or discussion between individuals. However, there are various other synonyms available that can be used to describe the same thing. Some of the alternatives for "confab" are - chat, talk, conversation, dialogue, discourse, exchange, discussion, deliberation, colloquy, and parley. Each of these words has its own unique flavor, and the choice of synonyms depends on the context and intended style. For instance, if you wish to describe a formal discussion, the word "deliberation" might be more appropriate, while "chat" would suit a more casual context. Overall, multiple choices of words bring variety and depth to our language.

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How to use "Confab" in context?

When people think of a conference, they probably envision a large, crowded room with lots of people moving around. This is not a typical setting for a typical conversation. Conferences are an opportunity to gather together in a more intimate setting and to have a conversation that can be valuable both professionally and personally.

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