What is another word for confer?

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Confer means to discuss or consult with someone or to give someone a title, rank, or honor. There are various synonyms that can be used instead of conferring such as bestow, grant, gift, reward, or endow. These words share the same meaning with confer, but also have unique differences in their applications. The word "bestow" implies an act of giving something valuable or important. On the other hand, "grant" is a legal word used to refer to giving something to someone who has requested it. "Gift" usually indicates an act of giving something as a token of love or appreciation. "Reward" suggests giving something as a recognition of accomplishment while "endow" signifies giving someone something that will have an enduring effect.

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How to use "Confer" in context?

Confer is a verb meaning to communicate or to consult. It can also mean to agree.

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