What is another word for chide?

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Chide is a verb that means to scold or rebuke in a mild or harsh manner. People often use it when they want to criticize someone for doing something wrong or foolish. Some synonyms for chide are admonish, rebuke, reprimand, scold, lecture, berate, upbraid, censure, chastise, and lambaste. Admonish implies a gentler form of chiding with an objective to offer advice or counsel. Rebuke and reprimand are more severe than admonish and express strong disapproval. Scold suggests a sharp, angry tone while lecture implies a more formal or serious talk. Berate, upbraid, censure, chastise, and lambaste are all harsh, severe rebukes that take things to an extreme level.

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    To chide is to express disapproval early and often. It can be a gentle nudge, but it is also a way of letting someone know that they have done something wrong and need to be more careful. It is a way of telling someone that they are not meeting your expectations and need to work harder. Chiding is often a way of reinforcing good behavior.

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