What is another word for cackle?

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[ kˈakə͡l], [ kˈakə‍l], [ k_ˈa_k_əl]

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How to use "Cackle" in context?

The "cackle" is a laugh that is often characterized as being high-pitched and unpleasant-sounding. Nevertheless, this sound is a very common occurrence, both in humans and other animals. In fact, it is used to communicate emotions such as happiness, amusement, or contempt. Interestingly, the "cackle" is classified as a type of vocalization, which means that it is a sound that is produced by the vocal chords. Interestingly, the "cackle" is not unique to humans. For example, capuchin monkeys also produce this sound.

Homophones for Cackle:

  • kachel.

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