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The word "signer" is often used to refer to someone who signs a document. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used, depending on the context. For example, someone who signs a contract might be called a "contractor" or "signatory." If the document is legal in nature, the individual might be referred to as a "deponent" or "affiant." In the context of music or performance, a signer might be called a "performer" or "artist." Other synonyms could include "author," "endorser," or "witness." Using a variety of synonyms for "signer" can add color and variety to writing and help to avoid repetition.

How to use "Signer" in context?

A signer is someone who signs a document, such as a contract, by adding their name to it.

A signer can be someone who is not the writer of the document, such as a parent who signs a consent form for their child's surgery.

A signer can also be someone who is not the person who is being signed to the document, such as a notary public who signs a document to certify its accuracy.

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