What is another word for tracker?

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If you're looking for synonyms for the word "tracker", there are plenty of options to choose from. Some popular alternatives include "monitor", "tracing device", "locator", "finder", "detector", "searcher", "tracers", "sleuth" and "scout". Each of these words has slightly different connotations, so it's important to choose the one that best fits the context in which you're using it. Whether you're talking about tracking down a lost object, monitoring the movement of a vehicle or person, or keeping tabs on the progress of a project, there's sure to be a synonym for tracker that will help you communicate your ideas more effectively.

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Usage examples for Tracker

He was a good tracker and knew it at once.
"In the Musgrave Ranges"
Jim Bushman
This man was something more than a thief-taker and a tracker of criminals.
"Jack O' Judgment"
Edgar Wallace
De Spain, who was the more experienced tracker, thought he could follow the footprints to the arched opening across the patio.
"Nan of Music Mountain"
Frank H. Spearman

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