What is another word for solidifying?

Pronunciation: [səlˈɪdɪfˌa͡ɪɪŋ] (IPA)

There are numerous synonyms for the word "solidifying" depending on the context in which it is used. If it is used in a scientific setting, some of the synonyms may include freeze, congeal or coagulate. In a more general sense, terms like harden, crystallize and reinforce could also be applicable. In terms of how a situation can be described, synonyms such as fortify, stabilize and consolidate might fit better. Overall, there are many suitable alternatives to the word "solidifying," and knowing which one to use will depend on the specific circumstances. Regardless of the choice, however, it is essential to ensure that the word used accurately conveys the intended meaning.

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What are the hypernyms for Solidifying?

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Usage examples for Solidifying

A straight road between crowding palms crosses a wide rice-plain, opening out of the cleft carved by the mountain river, and leads to the curious Lake of Limbotto, a green mass of luxuriant water-weeds, the dense vegetation solidifying into floating islands of verdure, intersected by narrow channels, only navigable to a native bloto skilfully handled, for Nature alternately builds up and disperses these flowery oases, blocking up old water-ways and opening new ones with bewildering confusion.
"Through the Malay Archipelago"
Emily Richings
He was a warrior and not a statesman, and for this reason less was done than might have been in confirming and solidifying the reforms which his conquest had made possible.
David Murray
She saw his youthful beauty solidifying into the beauty of a man, and carefully watered and tended those budding shoots of ambition that were to help him attain his best promise.
"Winding Paths"
Gertrude Page

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