What is another word for Consolidating?

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Consolidating means combining or merging multiple entities into one. Synonyms for consolidating are integrating, amalgamating, unifying, merging, blending, combining, coalescing, fusing, compacting, and streamlining. Consolidating can be used in various fields such as finance, business, education, politics, and technology. In finance, consolidating refers to combining financial statements of multiple companies into a single report. In business, consolidating involves merging departments or companies to improve workflow and efficiency. In education, consolidating may refer to merging schools or districts to reduce costs. Politically, consolidating can mean merging regions or political parties. In technology, consolidating is used to refer to combining software, hardware, or network systems.

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    When it comes to estate planning, many of us think about what to do with our assets when we die. But what about when we don't die right away? What about when our health declines and we can no longer take care of our assets?

    There are two common ways to deal with this: either to leave assets to designated beneficiaries and hope that they're able to take care of them, or to establish a lasting conservatorship in which an independent professional (known as a conservator) oversees the assets, making sure they're used for the benefit of the person who needs them.

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