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The word "hardening" can have several synonyms depending on the context. If we are talking about the hardening of materials, we may use the words solidification, stiffening, or coagulation. When referring to the hardening of attitudes or personality traits, we may use the words toughening, strengthening, or fortification. In a medical context, hardening may be referred to as sclerotic or induration. In computing, the term hardening is used to denote the process of securing a system. Other synonyms for hardening include setting, petrification, and rigidity. It is important to consider the context and connotations of the word when choosing alternative terms.

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    In computing, hardening refers to the process of making a computer system more robust and secure, through implementing security measures and installing appropriate software. These measures may include: disabling unused services; disabling insecure applications; using strong passwords; and using firewalls.

    Hardening a system may protect against attacks that might exploit software vulnerabilities or physical weaknesses. Additionally, hardening can help protect the computer system against unauthorized access, data theft, and system sabotage.

    One measure of the effectiveness of hardening is the sensitivity index. The sensitivity index measures the impact of a vulnerability on a system.

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