What is another word for Swaggered?

Pronunciation: [swˈaɡəd] (IPA)

Swaggered is a verb that means to walk or behave in a confident and arrogant manner. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used to describe someone who is strutting or displaying excessive confidence. One such synonym is strutted, which suggests a confident and flamboyant walk. Another term that can be used is sauntered, which implies a more leisurely stroll with an air of self-assurance. Some more synonyms for swaggered include swayed, sashayed, paraded, and flaunted. All of these words suggest a sense of confidence and self-importance. Ultimately, whether you choose to use the word swaggered or one of its synonyms, the important thing is to convey a sense of someone who is self-assured and confident in their actions.

Usage examples for Swaggered

Every day he Swaggered about on the Green Meadows and bragged how smart he was.
"The Adventures of Reddy Fox"
Thornton W. Burgess
Oliver, lean and lanky and swift-eyed, Swaggered through the streets unattended from the first day they sent him to a neighbouring kindergarten.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
And among them all Helen knew at once, upon the instant that he Swaggered in, El Joven, Yellow Barbee.
"The Desert Valley"
Jackson Gregory

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