What is another word for swaggerer?

Pronunciation: [swˈaɡəɹə] (IPA)

A swaggerer is someone who walks with an air of confidence, often portraying an exaggerated sense of self-importance. There are plenty of synonyms for this pompous personality type, each possessing its own unique connotation. An egotist could be described as someone with an inflated sense of self, while a braggart or a show-off is someone who talks or performs in an excessively boastful way. A snob, on the other hand, is someone who looks down on others based on what they perceive as their superior social status. A narcissist is someone obsessed with themselves, while a blowhard is someone who talks loudly and obnoxiously. Overall, it's fair to say that swaggerers are not particularly well-liked!

What are the hypernyms for Swaggerer?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Swaggerer?

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What are the opposite words for swaggerer?

The word "swaggerer" refers to a person who is arrogant and overconfident in their demeanor. The opposite of this behavior would be someone who is humble and modest. A modest person is someone who is not boastful and does not seek attention for their accomplishments. They are self-effacing and show respect to those around them. Another antonym would be a shy and reserved individual who avoids the spotlight and is uncomfortable receiving attention. Additionally, a respectful and considerate person who is mindful of the feelings of others would be an antonym for a swaggerer. In summary, the antonyms for swaggerer are humble, modest, respectful, considerate, shy, and reserved.

What are the antonyms for Swaggerer?

Usage examples for Swaggerer

swaggerer as he may have been, Scarthe was no coward; and under the circumstances even a coward must have shown courage.
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid
It was not to champion her that I took up the quarrel; but rather to punish a swaggerer.
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid
You'll find him a drinker and a swaggerer and a spendthrift before many years are over.
John Henry Cardinal Newman

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