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Scar is defined as a mark or a blemish left on the skin after a wound has healed or due to an injury. However, there are several synonyms for scar which include, blemish, mark, blotch, scrape, wound, lesion, laceration, cut, gash, abrasion, and bruise. These words are used to describe the different types of scars that can occur on the body. Some can be small and barely noticeable while others can be large and disfiguring. No matter the severity, scars are a natural and common occurrence and can be treated with various forms of scar reduction therapies.

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How to use "Scar" in context?

The scar is a physical representation of trauma or hurt that a person may experience. It may be a dent in the skin that was caused by a cut, or a deep gouge that was made by a thorn. The color, shape, and size of the scar will depend on the severity of the injury. Many scars fade over time, but some may remain permanent.

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