What is another word for eruption?

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Eruption can be substituted with a variety of synonyms that convey similar meaning. Some of the common synonyms are outburst, explosion, detonation, burst, blast, discharge, flare-up, spasm and convulsion. Outburst refers to a sudden and intense emotional reaction, while explosion suggests a violent release of energy. Detonation refers to a powerful explosive eruption, while burst indicates a sudden and rapid release of something. Blast is used to describe a forceful and sudden blow, while discharge refers to the release of something built up or contained. Flare-up describes a sudden increase in intensity, spasm refers to a sudden involuntary muscular contraction, and convulsion signifies an intense, involuntary muscle spasm or seizure.

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Antonyms for the word "eruption" include "calm," "peace," "serenity," and "stillness." While an eruption entails a sudden, violent outburst or explosion, its antonyms convey a sense of tranquility, quiet, and stability. Additionally, terms such as "harmony," "balance," "equilibrium," and "orderliness" can also serve as antonyms for "eruption," as they refer to a state of balance and calmness rather than chaotic disruption. By looking at its antonyms, one can gain insight into the opposite effects an eruption can have, and the importance of achieving a sense of stability and balance in daily life.

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Usage examples for Eruption

Naturally enough he dreamed of Helen and her careless coquettish treatment of his love, which was rapidly cooling down, like the lava after some violent eruption, and giving place to a hard and bitter anger at her heartless ways.
"One Maid's Mischief"
George Manville Fenn
It was perhaps the most violent and destructive eruption of which we have any record; many have been slight and harmless.
"The Story of Malta"
Maturin M. Ballou
20, 5. He was in his eighteenth year when the famous eruption of Vesuvius took place 79 A.D., D. Cass.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill

Famous quotes with Eruption

  • A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way.
    Fisher Ames
  • First of all, there was a volcano of words, an eruption of words that Shakespeare had never used before that had never been used in the English language before. It's astonishing. It pours out of him.
    Stephen Greenblatt
  • The eruption of lived pleasure is such that in losing myself I find myself; forgetting that I exist, I realize myself.
    Raoul Vaneigem
  • Poetry is the lava of the imagination whose eruption prevents an earthquake.
    Lord Byron
  • The eruption of lived pleasure is such that in losing myself I find myself; forgetting that I exist, I realize myself.
    Raoul Vaneigem

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