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There are plenty of synonyms for the word 'wasting' that can be used in various contexts. Some of the common synonyms for 'wasting' include squandering, dissipating, frittering, and misspending. Other synonyms that can be used include consuming, exhausting, draining, depleting, and dwindling. Depending on the context, there are also more specific synonyms that could be used, such as overindulging, prodigalizing, idling, or even losing time or opportunities. It is important to use the correct synonym that fits the context and conveys the intended meaning, as this can contribute to effective communication.

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How to use "Wasting" in context?

What is wasting?

Wasting is the act of discarding or not using something that could be used to save money or increase productivity.

There are two types of wasting: physical and mental. Physical wasting is when we discard unnecessary or inferior items, while mental wasting is when we waste time or energy on unnecessary or unproductive activities.

There are many ways to prevent wasting, both large and small.

One way to prevent physical wasting is to create a storage system where items are organized and easily accessed.

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