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Training is the process of learning or acquiring new skills or knowledge. There are many synonyms for "training" that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. Synonyms for training may include education, teaching, instruction, coaching, tutoring, mentoring, conditioning, guidance, preparation, and development. Education emphasizes the imparting of knowledge through formal study and instruction. Teaching refers to the act of instructing someone. Instruction involves imparting specific technical skills or knowledge. Coaching provides guidance and support to help individuals develop their abilities. Tutoring is personalized one-on-one teaching. Mentoring involves the guidance and assistance of a more experienced colleague in navigating a career path. Conditioning refers to developing physical or mental abilities through repeated practice. Guidance involves advising and directing someone towards achieving a specific goal. Preparation is the process of getting ready for something by learning and practicing. Lastly, development involves systematic training to improve a specific skill or ability.

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Training, like anything else in life, is best taught through example. Unfortunately, in our line of work, one of the best examples is the constant use of force. Training officers to use their force rationally and proportionately is critical to preventing harm to both them and the public.

To that end, the training provided to officers should emphasize de-escalation and the use of force continuum. Officers should be taught how to recognize the signs of a mental health crisis and how to safely and effectively interact with those in distress. Additionally, officers should be trained on safe firearms handling and tactics, including Taser use.

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