What is another word for tomtit?

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[ tˈɒmtɪt], [ tˈɒmtɪt], [ t_ˈɒ_m_t_ɪ_t]

A "tomtit" is a small bird that belongs to the genus "Parus" or "Poecile." As its name suggests, this bird is tiny and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Synonyms for "tomtit" include "chickadee," "titmouse," "titbit," and "tit." These small, cute birds are often seen flitting about in the branches of trees, darting from one feeder to another, and singing their sweet melodies. They are an important part of the ecosystem, and their presence in gardens and parks can bring joy and delight to many people. Whether you call them "tomtits," "chickadees," or "titmice," these feathered friends are always a delight to behold.

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The word "tomtit" refers to the small songbird of the genus "Parus".

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    What are the hypernyms for Tomtit?

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    Usage examples for Tomtit

    To one of them, not bigger than a tomtit, we have given the name of coach-whip, from its note exactly resembling the smack of a whip.
    "A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson"
    Watkin Tench
    Entering it suddenly one day, a tomtit flew from side to side in great agitation, and then dropped on the floor and allowed me to pick it up without an effort to escape.
    "Wild Life in a Southern County"
    Richard Jefferies
    The tomtit also packs, and flies in small parties almost all the year round.
    "Wild Life in a Southern County"
    Richard Jefferies

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