What is another word for ton?

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Ton is a unit of measurement that denotes the weight of an object. However, it has various synonyms that might come in handy in certain contexts. Some of the common synonyms for ton are "weight," "mass," "load," and "burden." Another word that can replace ton is "heft," which indicates the weight and size of an object. Moreover, in certain industries, "ton" refers to a specific metric unit of measurement called "metric ton" or "tonne." In this case, the synonyms could be "Kiloton," indicating a measurement of one thousand metric tons, or "Megaton," which denotes one million metric tons. Overall, knowing the synonyms for ton can add to one's language proficiency and help express ideas more effectively.

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    Usage examples for Ton

    This meant, for instance, that purchases of lime needed to improve Fairfax County's acidic soil could be had for $3.50 a ton, the cost at the quarry, plus handling charges.
    "Frying Pan Farm"
    Elizabeth Brown Pryor
    And coal is four hundred francs a ton in Port Said.
    William McFee
    Lady Merivale was one of the leaders of ton and had been one as long as most middle-aged people could remember.
    "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir"
    Charles Garvice

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