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A midge is a tiny, flying insect often found around damp or marshy areas. Synonyms for this pesky insect include gnats, no-see-ums, sand flies, punkies, and biting midges. Gnats are small, flying insects that are commonly found flying around food or in moist or damp areas. No-see-ums, as the name suggests, are so small that they are not easily visible to the naked eye. Sand flies tend to feed at dawn or dusk and can transmit diseases. Punkies or punk flies are biting insects that are often found in areas where livestock are kept. Whatever you call them, these insects are best avoided if possible!

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A midge is a tiny, two-winged insect that is often considered a pest. However, there are a variety of antonyms to describe this small bug. One such antonym is "giant", as midges are typically very small while giants are large creatures. Another antonym for midge can be "macro", which refers to things that are visible to the naked eye. Midge can also be described as "unimportant", so antonyms like "significant" or "valuable" can be used to describe something that matters more. Finally, "pleasant" is also used as an opposite for midge, as their tiny bites are often considered unpleasant.

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Usage examples for Midge

These have never bothered us before, and I doubt if I ever saw a midge on Gallipoli before.
"The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde""
George Davidson
It was a pathetic letter but one sentence cheered the teacher's heart-"The prayer that midge and Kate wrote keeps coming to my mind and it helps me to keep a level head when we all git kinder wild."
"The Girl and Her Religion"
Margaret Slattery
Perhaps 'twas not "Don Juan" that last night Was at its best, but midge.
"Mr. Faust"
Arthur Davison Ficke

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