What is another word for button?

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The word "button," which refers to a small disc or knob affixed to a surface, has many synonyms. One such synonym is "knob," which is often used interchangeably with "button" and refers to a small handle or projection used for opening or closing a door or drawer. Another synonym is "switch," which is a button used to turn a light or device on or off. Other synonyms for "button" include "buckle," "fastener," "clasp," and "snap." These words are often used in the context of clothing or accessories, such as a coat with buttons, a handbag with a snap, or a shoe with a buckle.

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    A button is a small, round, pushable object that is often used to activate and/or deactivate an electronic device or to signal a user's intention. Buttons are also used to initiate a function in a computer or other electronic device.

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