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"Hurl" is a strong and forceful word that can be used to express various kinds of actions, ranging from throwing with full strength to vomiting. This word can be replaced with several synonyms, each with its own flavour of intensity. For instance, "cast" and "fling" can be used to describe throwing with a sense of speed and power. "Chuck" and "pitch" can be used to describe throwing with a more casual effort. Other synonyms for "hurl" include "launch", "toss", "heave", and "throw." These synonyms convey a sense of energy that can be handy for describing actions in various contexts, such as sports, games, or everyday activities.

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Hurl is a verb that means to send something or someone with force or speed, often with the intent of causing damage. It is similar to the verbs throw and fling, but hurl typically implies a higher degree of force or speed. Additionally, hurl can imply a particular direction, compared to the other verbs. For example, one might hurl a ball in a specific direction, or hurl a person into a wall.

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