What is another word for accumulate?

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Accumulate means to gather or collect items or things over time. There are several words that can be used as synonyms for accumulate. One common synonym for accumulate is amass, which refers to the act of collecting or gathering things together. Another synonym is accumulate, which refers to the steady increase in the quantity or amount of something. A third synonym is accrue which refers to the gradual buildup of something over time. Other synonyms for accumulate include gather, stockpile, collect, hoard, and assemble. All of these words convey the idea of something being slowly but steadily collected over time.

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Antonyms are opposite words to a particular term. For the word "accumulate," some antonyms include dissipate, disperse, scatter, and eradicate. Dissipate refers to the act of spreading out substances so that they disappear or lose strength. Disperse means to scatter or spread out in various directions. Scatter can be defined as dispersing or spreading in all directions messily. Finally, eradicate means getting rid of entirely, making something disappear. The opposites of "accumulate" carry meanings of dispersion, spreading, and getting rid of rather than collecting, gathering, and increasing something.

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Usage examples for Accumulate

But by far the most conspicuous formations due to the action of animal life accumulate in the sea.
James Geikie
Upon what part of the sea-bottom does the material derived by the action of the breakers chiefly accumulate?
James Geikie
It took me nearly a year to accumulate all of her for an assembly.
"The Love of Frank Nineteen"
David Carpenter Knight

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